Firstly the picture is me in my prime... I wish I was still that cool. My name is Luke, I live in Bradford on Avon, a small town in the South West of England. 

I like to use a pen and watercolours to create my pictures, usually in the dead of night… it’s very important that everyone else is in bed so that I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything!

I use a waterproof pen, cheap A4 printing paper and a light box my dad built for me to create the composition. When I’m happy, I transfer to watercolour paper. 

My family have always encouraged me to paint/draw especially my nan. She has given me hints and tips over the years, my favourite being, ‘You have to use the white of the paper to your advantage!’  I like to paint animals and anything that makes people react with an ‘aww.’

Really though, if I’m honest, I paint to impress my nan!

Please also check out my INSTAGRAM for regular updates and sketches. 

Thank you for dropping by! 

Commercial Clients

  • ITV

  • FCB Inferno

  • Project Literacy

  • Children salon

  • Armani

  • Tatler

  • Conde naste

  • Aberdeen City Council

  • Ogilvy & Mather Group